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The new football sweepstakes game

Circl is a live-action sports game, for you and your mates. The winner is decided by what happens live on the pitch, any moment can count!

Choose who’s in the Circl

Tag in up to 10 people to place a stake in a Circl, all with a chance to win that jackpot.

Pick your own game rules

Goals, yellow cards, offsides, plus many more in-game events that move your Circl!

Place your stake & get in the game

Watch the pot of cash jump around your mates, see the events & talk to your Circl in real time.

Worst case scenario?

Your mate wins

Circl provides a new way for sports fans and non-sports fans alike, to watch and engage with live sport, together.

We are a super fun game that everyone can understand, enjoy and potentially gain from. Whether that be in cash or prizes!

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Your squad helps fuel grassroots football

Now more than ever, we must protect the entire footballing community. Every year, we will be donating part of our profits to men & women’s grassroots football in the UK.